Memorial Flower Preservation

Coping with loss of any kind is undoubtedly challenging, seeking meaningful ways to commemorate the memory of a loved one can offer comfort in times of sorrow.

Creating personalized floral keepsakes provides a sincere and lasting means to pay respect to your loved one. At Seek & Bloom, I specialize in the art of preserving flowers into heartfelt artwork to be cherished for years to come.

Sympathy Flowers

Every memorial piece is as unique as the memories it holds. Within a few days of the service and our initial conversation we will arrange fresh flower drop off at my home based studio where we will discuss details. Together will share a heartfelt conversation about the options that best honour your flowers. 

Sympathy Flower Pressing & Drying | $150 
Flat fee paid at time of drop off. See pricing below for artwork options. 

Heirloom Flowers

Crafting memorial pressed flower art is even more profound when significant flowers are in full bloom. My favourite options include utilizing meaningful wildflowers of a departed loved one, flowers and greenery from homestead gardens, birth month flowers or unique blossoms with personal significance. 

By preserving these chosen flowers through the art of pressing, you not only capture the beauty of the blooms but also ensure that the memorial piece is infused with the vibrancy and vitality of your time together. The result is a impactful and stunning representation of your shared connection.

Heirloom Flower Pressing & Drying | $50-$150 TBD
Pressing fee to be discussed based on quantity of flowers.
See below for artwork options & ideas.

"Flowers don't tell, they show."


The following serves as a gentle guide, please contact Ashley directly to discuss personalized options. 

Your Memorial Pressed Flower Art 

Artwork Options | Includes handcrafted wood frame with custom finishing. Flower preservation is separate and noted above based on the flowers you provide. 

• 8x10 (5x7 matte) |  $120
• 11x14 frame (8x10 matte) |  $175
• 16x20 (10x13 matte)  |  $250

*Receive a 15% discount on the prices listed for any additional framed pieces beyond the first. 

Frame Finishing: Wood Pine - Natural, White or Stained. 

Standard Flower Art / Design Options: 
• Garden       
• Heart
• Single blooms

Final piece can include obituary or photo. 

Custom Artwork Creation:
Custom design to be discussed with Ashley at time of consult. 
These pieces need to be created a bit larger (frame size minimum 11x14 to 16x20) allowing for more detail and creative freedom to design you something more sentimental. Pricing will be quoted from the complexity of your request and the final size required.

Examples: butterfly, bird or significant symbol of your choosing.

Digital Reproductions of Custom Artwork:
$50 flat fee | Includes photography & editing of original artwork
• Printed 8x10 | $20ea (unframed)
• Printed 5x7 Greeting Cards | $8ea
• Printed Note Card Sets $25 (pack of 6)

memorial flowers pressed and framed memorial wildflowers pressed into heart shape artwork

Inquire here for more details