“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.”

Seek & Bloom Creative Co. Focuses on the slow process of flower pressing while incorporating the modern approach of graphic art to create stationery designs that feel organic and elegant.

Products are created using pressed and preserved flowers and foliage foraged from the wild or from flower farms in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.  After the flowers are pressed and arranged, Ashley’s artwork is professionally photographed to create stationery designs and replications that look like the real thing.

After five years in the floral industry, a lifetime love of flowers, and a professional background in graphic design, Ashley has found that creating with nature as an art form came naturally to her and is calming to the soul.  

Keep blooming, Ashley

Whatever life plants you, bloom with grace.


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What we do

Custom Work

Flowers can hold a very sentimental part of your lives. Seek & Bloom wants to help you preserve and keep them forever as a gentle reminder of the memories and happy times they have shared. Whether it be your wedding bouquet, or a wild flower that reminds you of a loved one, we can help create a piece of botanical art that makes your home more meaningful.