Pressing Your White Wedding Bouquet, What To Expect

Pressing Your White Wedding Bouquet, What To Expect

In the business of wedding bouquet preservation I wish all bouquets were vibrant and full of colourful flowers and fun textures but the reality is 3 of out 5 wedding bouquets comes to us in neutral tones.

white spring wedding bouquet with poppy and lily of the valley

While I am more likely to squeal with glee over a colourful bouquet showing up at my door I'm here to provide a few tips to give you the confidence and reassurance you need about preserving your all white flower wedding bouquet, because they do turn out beautifully with professional planning and care.

white wedding bouquet pressing with orchids

Tips For Preserving Your White Wedding Bouquet

1. Lots of textures! Suggest to your florist that your bouquet has a nice variety of sizes and textured flowers, not all white flowers press equally and to have a nice mix is helpful to make sure the final artwork stays as bright as possible.

White Flowers great for pressing:

• Stock
• Delphinium
• Roses
• Anemone
• Spray Roses
• Hydrangea
• Carnations
• Ranunculus
• Dahlias
• Peony

2. Great greenery and filler flowers! Greenery and filler flowers can make or break your pressed bouquet. It grounds your artwork and pulls it all together with colour and texture.

Greenery & Filler great for pressing:
• Ferns
• Eucalyptus
• Dusty Miller
• Sea Holly (Eryngium)
• Gypsophila (Baby's Breath)
• Queen Ann Lace
• Limonium
• Statice
• Bunny Tail
• Bleached Ruscus (natural typically turns coppery brown)

3. Quality & Freshness! Treat your white flowers with lots of care, fresh roses are best with minimal bruising and damage will help ensure the best dried results. After you are done with photos make sure to keep your bouquet in a cool place in a vase of water until it can be delivered and if you have extra table flowers that are still fresh you are welcome to send extras if your bouquet isn't as happy and fresh as it was the the morning it arrived.

white wedding bouquet pressing before and after

Unfortunately, there is no way to keep those white flowers perfectly white but I have spend years developing and testing pressing techniques to ensure they turn out as white as possible. They will most likely change over time as the natural process of the botanicals change and fade but all flowers no matter the colour will change as time passes. Only the best of the best make it into your final artwork so you can be sure that whatever you choose for your wedding bouquet, the preserved forever flowers will be the perfect keepsake of your day.  

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