Spring Collection - Behind The Scenes

Spring Collection - Behind The Scenes

Step into my home studio for an exclusive peek behind the scenes of the new Spring Collection. These photos capture candid moments, offering a genuine glimpse into my creative process amidst the beautiful chaos of my workspace.

Each season holds its unique purpose for me as a pressed flower artist. During the quiet winter months, I enjoy the opportunity to use the cherished blooms I've preserved from the season past to craft fresh artwork and card designs. However, as Spring soon awakens I feel compelled to shift my energy back to pressing flowers, preserving wedding bouquets and soaking in the joys of summer. Finding time and space to create new art becomes a rare luxury in the warmer months so It's only once a year that I can carve out time to immerse myself in my art.

Winter's artistic flow didn't come easily at first. Balancing the demands of business with being creative can be challenging, but as you can see, once I get lost in the flowers, there's no stopping until I've poured my heart into every creation.

New This Season - Matted Originals!

New in the Spring Collection are unframed matted original artworks, featuring my best-selling garden designs and more! Crafting these original pieces has often come with substantial expenses, especially with the handcrafted wood frames. However, to enhance accessibility and offer more options at markets, I've introduced a diverse selection of matted artworks that are ready for framing! This innovative approach not only helps to minimize costs but also optimizes space and reduces shipping expenses, ultimately benefiting everyone involved. You won't see these beauties on the website just yet but they will be front and centre at upcoming markets.

Garden Friends Collection 

Over the past few seasons, I've been diligently working to create themed collections for my artwork. This winter, my focus revolved largely around pollinators and the beloved friends of the garden. Building upon the success of my butterfly and bee designs, which have become best sellers, I expanded the collection to include a hummingbird, moth, ladybug, and dragonfly. The result? The most charming new art prints and a note card set perfect for garden enthusiasts (see below).  The originals are available framed and ready for you to enjoy, but don't wait these won't last long. 


The Creative Process

Creating original artwork is a journey that doesn't always unfold quickly or easily. Some ideas require extensive creative exploration, numerous revisions, and even periods of stepping away to gain fresh perspective. Essentially, I'm painting with petals, and each creation relies on finding the perfect flower, petal, or leaf to bring it to life. Sometimes, it takes hours or even days of experimentation before a piece begins to take shape. Below, you'll catch a glimpse of a new pressed flower artwork featuring a sleeping fox, inspired by my family vacation in PEI last summer. This adorable creature underwent several transformations before the final design could be finalized, but he sure was worth it!

I trust you've enjoyed this glimpse into my creative process during the winter months. My aim is to offer insight into the love and dedication poured into each piece of art, and I sincerely hope you find joy in the new creations for this season. Discover these designs and more in the Spring Collection section of the shop here.   

Wishing you a joyful Spring filled with blossoms and sunshine,

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