Seek & Bloom Heirloom Flower Press

Seek & Bloom Heirloom Flower Press

Want to learn the art of flower pressing?

Introducing the launch of the new Seek & Bloom Heirloom Flower Press!

After 5 years of learning to press flowers professionally and growing a business around an art form that connects us with nature, I'm excited to extend my knowledge and services into help YOU to create your own pressed flowers!

For the last few years it's been a dream of mine to design a beautifully branded flower press that can be enjoyed for years to come. I have so many ideas flowing around this new product that I can't wait to share with you. I look forward to helping you learn the art of flower pressing and preservation as I expand on this part of my business. 

Each press is made from hand selected solid hardwood and sealed with a natural bees wax for a smooth finish. The press has been engraved with custom designed calligraphy and a comes beautifully packaged with a how-to guide including some of my pro tips. 

In this kit you will have everything you need to get started pressing flowers as a hobby for the enjoyment of preserve your own sentimental blooms. Our press makes the perfect heirloom gift for any flower lover in your life - young or old!

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Make sure to check out our short intro video on how to assemble & use your
Seek & Bloom flower press below before you get started:


This flower press has been mindfully designed in small batches in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

Calligraphy was custom designed by: Lyndsay Hubley Art
Engraving by Porters Engraving in Kentville. 

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