Mayflowers, Pressing Nova Scotia's Provincial Flower

Mayflowers, Pressing Nova Scotia's Provincial Flower

Nova Scotia's provincial flower, commonly known as Mayflower is a delicate and charming plant that blooms in the early spring here on the East Coast. The scientific name for the Mayflower is "Epigaea repens", but it's also known as Trailing Arbutus or Ground Laurel. It's a small, wild, evergreen plant that produces pink and white flowers with a distinctive sweet, fragrant aroma.

mayflowers nova scotia

may flowers nova scotia provincial flower

Mayflowers are commonly found in wooded areas, particularly on sandy or rocky soils. They typically bloom in mid April or early May in Nova Scotia depending on the weather. These flowers are often associated with the arrival of spring, and they have been used as a symbol of hope and renewal for centuries.

pressing and preserving wild may flowerspressed preserved may flowers nova scotia

Here are a few facts about May Flowers & where to find them!

🌸 Look in wooded, mossy areas in early spring starting mid-April once the snow is gone and the days warm. Don’t wait to late, I’ve often missed them in the past thinking I would find them in 'May'. 

🌸 Flowers are sweetly fragrant pinkish-white with thick leathery evergreen leaves. 

🌸 Nova Scotia designated the Mayflower as the provincial floral emblem in 1901.

🌸 Pick them very carefully not to pull from the root so they grow back year after year.

pressed mayflower art

Do you have memories of picking these tiny sweet smelling spring blossoms???
I feel so lucky to have lots growing right in my own backyard. If you take a hike in April, look down and keep and eye out for them…they smell incredible and press lovely as well. 

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