5 Ways to Find Balance and Inspiration In a Creative Business

5 Ways to Find Balance and Inspiration In a Creative Business

This one is for my fellow creatives! Let's chat about something close to my heart: the magic of creating and running a full time creative business. You know what's even more magical than cranking out tons of work? It's those moments when your heart and soul sync up, and your creations shine with authenticity. And guess what? That magic doesn't typically happen when you're rushing and stressing through your day, it needs space and you need time to get into your creative flow.

I've been invested in my creative journey for over 10 years, and I'm convinced it's my purpose to share my art with the world. But, as a creative entrepreneur and mom juggling a gazillion roles, how do I find time to recharge and let creativity flow? That's like a secret magical recipe that's taken a decade long to learn, and if im being honest, I still haven't perfected. 

True creativity can't be forced. It stems from connection, and for me, that connection blooms in nature. Taking time to relax and soak up nature's vibes keeps my creativity on point, even when things get busy.

Okay, let's get real about being a small 'one woman show' business. Stepping away to recharge? Not always as easy as it might sound right? The do list literally never ends- it even compounds daily. But as the years have gone by, I've learned the signs when my brain and soul are begging for a breather – even in the middle of a business growth spurt.

Let's explore some of the ways I've learned to recharge and keep those creative juices flowing in my business:

1. Adventure Time: Ever thought of playing hooky from work? Try it! Plan mini adventures, explore new places, and just have fun. Remember, the work can wait, and will still be there when you're done enjoying your day.

2. Nature Boost: If you can, get outside! Go hike, beach bum it, or just lie on the grass. Kick off your shoes and literally feel the earth beneath you – it's like hitting a reset button for your soul.

3. Read for Fun: You read business stuff all the time, right? Take a break! Read something just for the joy of it.

4. Exercise: Get your body moving! Whether it's a walk in nature, yoga, or dancing around your living room, moving gets your body and brain in sync. Personally, I love hitting the gym in the morning – weights or a spin class, it's my daily happy place and gets me energized for my day. 

5. Press pause: Turn off the notifications, put your shop on vacation mode, and don't feel guilty about it (even if it's for a month). If you can't find the time in your day or week to rest and create without distraction, plan ahead, schedule it (maybe i it happens a few times a year or a week every few months) and don't look back. Your true supporters will wait! Use this time to savour the creative process with no rush and no pressure. Your best work will stem from this time away and you will be so glad you did. 

Ready to sprinkle some of these ideas into your monthly routine? Let's do this together! Your business, creativity and well-being deserve balance and self-care. Remember "You've got to nourish to flourish." Your path to an energized, inspired creative life is in your hands.

Keep blooming, Ashley

Photo Credit: Marie Roy Photography

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