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Preserving Nature for Custom Art & Gifts with Meaning

Why we love gifts of nature
Flowers are often linked to memories, emotions, moments and stories. They remind us of days gone by, the people we love or possibly miss, and that our lives are ever changing, evolving and growing.  Flowers have a magical ability to express emotions where sometimes words do not exist all while connecting us to nature no matter where we are or what season we are in.

custom pressed flower art
My love for flowers
As a young girl, I aspired to become an artist. After graduating from graphic design school, I gained valuable skills from working in various trades, which have contributed to my current artistic journey.

After years of working from a computer, I yearned for a more hands-on approach to art that would fulfill my soul. I longed to create something that was not only meaningful but also utilized the skills I had developed over the years. Similar to many young girls, my fascination with flowers began by picking wildflowers and leaves, pressing them in books or putting them in my hair. With a combined ten years of experience in the floral and wedding industry, my attachment to flowers and the people who surrounded them grew strong and felt natural. Through these connections, my love for everything related to flowers flourished to what it is today.

custom framed pressed flower art nova scotia tangled garden
The Search for Meaningful Gifts & Decor
Flowers are often given as gifts to express love, congratulations, condolences, and other emotions. They can also hold special significance depending on their colour and type.

When pursuing gifts for our loved ones or ways to decorate our homes we often find ourselves  leaning towards items that are unique, handmade, make a statement or make us feel a certain emotion.  If you are someone that spends hours and hours looking for the perfect gift or struggles to find the perfect addition to your decor, a custom pressed flower art piece could be the answer.

Let's chat about a few of your options below!

Custom Monogram Pressed Flower Art
Our monogram artwork is perfect as a baby shower gift or way to decorate a nursery with a piece of artwork that is timeless and can grow with a child. Custom monogram art is also popular as a housewarming gift or wedding shower. Letter style and flower colours can be easily customized and we can include writing underneath for further personalization.
pressed flower monogram letter A

Custom pressed flower art to match your decor
While we offer a great selection of pre-designed pressed flower art sometimes  you're looking for artwork that is more personal to your style or to match a room in your home. Feel free to reach out anytime to discuss design, style, colour or framing options for a commissioned piece. If you would like particular flowers used that hold special meaning we can custom press flowers and foliage when they are in season or purchase them to make your new artwork even more sentimental. 
Custom Made Pressed Flower Art
pressed sunflower framed artwork nova scotia
Pressed flower art is a beautiful and meaningful way to incorporate nature into your home decor. Not only does it bring the beauty of nature into your living space, but it also adds a personal touch to your gift giving or decor that is truly unique.

Feel free to browse our current collection of pre-designed original pressed flower art. If you are seeking something more custom I would love to discuss. 
Keep blooming,
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