Inside The Studio

Inside The Studio

I invite you into my home studio for a behind the scenes peek at the work that goes into preserving your wedding bouquets, creating my original botanical artwork, and where all your orders are packed by hand with love and care.

At Seek and Bloom, my commitment goes beyond preserving the beauty of flowers – it's about capturing the emotions and cherished memories they hold. 

My passion for sharing the art of pressed flowers extends to an growing collection of locally printed greeting cards, art prints, and gifts all from my original botanical designs. Each piece is carefully crafted and printed in small batches with love and attention to detail. Before the original pressed flower artwork is framed, it undergoes professional photography and meticulous editing, drawing on my 20 years of graphic design knowledge to ensure accurate reproduction of the designs.  

Seek and Bloom this is so much more than a small business; it's driven by my profound love for flowers, nature and fine art. Every product and order fulfilled is infused with this everlasting love. Flower pressing is not merely an art form but a heartfelt connection to those who receive my creations.

Thank you for reading along, appreciating the art and discovering a peek at the work and person behind the brand – it means the world to me.

Keep blooming,


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