Where are the flowers from in your designs?

The majority of flowers in original Seek & Bloom designs are locally grown from local farmers or wildflowers foraged by Ashley. Some import flowers are pressed in the winter months but we strive to keep most of our flowers locally sourced.

Will the colours fade?

Each flower is pressed to hold the colour as much as possible but naturally, the colours will fade over time. We recommend keeping your original pieces out of direct sunlight and humidity preserve the quality of your artwork.

Do flowers have to be fresh to press?

Yes! Fresh flowers press best and we always try and press wedding pieces soon as they arrive for the best quality and colours for your final artwork.

My bouquet is already dry, can you press it?

Typically no, as the flowers will crumble if put under and kind of pressure. But if you have saved or pressed flowers and would like to have us frame them send a few photos and we will be able to tell if they are possible to frame.

If you have smaller dried flowers in your wedding bouquet we can usually still use them!

Do you require a deposit?

Yes! a $100 deposit is required for wedding bouquets to hold your spot for your wedding date. Space is quite limited during peak wedding season (June-October) so please contact us soon as possible for availability.

What if my flowers don't turn out?

Although we’ve never had an issue, there is always a possibility when dealing with perishable products that flowers won’t press well. If your artwork ends up being smaller than expected or doesn’t turn out you will not be charged the final fee, but your deposit will not be refunded.

Are your prints and cards real flowers?

No, because each flower and piece is completely unique it would be impossible to reproduce our designs with real flowers. Cards, prints, and gifts are made from high-quality photographs of the real designs and reproduced to look just like the real thing!

How long do the flower take to dry?

While each flower dries differently on it’s own time most bouquets take 2-4 weeks to completely dry and press.
It will take another few weeks to complete your artwork during peak season.

I'm not local to you, can you press my bouquet?
Unfortunately, your bouquet is very time-sensitive. For the best results, we need it
hand delivered to us within 3 days of your wedding.
What if it doesn't turn out?
If any flowers don’t press good enough for your final artwork they can be subbed with similar flowers in our collection. 
How do I keep my flowers fresh for you?
We recommend when possible, keeping your bouquet in a cool space (out of direct summer heat after you are done with them) and placing it in a vase of water when you are not using it (at reception and until drop off). This will help ensure it arrives in the best shape possible for pressing. 
Can you recommend flowers or a florist?
Yes!  We have a handful of amazing local florists and growers we love to work with! Just ask!
If you tell your florist you plan to have us press your bouquet they may be able to suggest certain flowers as well.
We also have a list of favourite flowers for pressing to send you after you book.