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 Wedding Bouquet

FLOWERS – The flowers you choose for your wedding bouquet will impact how they press. Locally grown, colourful, wildflowers and greenery will translate best when dried and pressed. Keep in mind that flowers often fade in the drying process and thicker roses, peonies, and white flowers don’t always get the best results.  Flowers also need to be provided fresh and cannot be previously dried.

INVESTMENT – Preserving your bouquet into a forever piece of art is no simple task. There is a flat fee of $350+tax to preserve and design your new bouquet artwork. This includes processing, pressing/drying time and design. The cost of a 10″x13″ matted white frame is included and will be purchased by S&B. Full payment is due at the time of pickup. A deposit of $50 is to be made by EMT to hold your wedding date as I have limited space per month for bouquet pressing.

For pre-booking please email Ashley at
Space is limited during peak wedding season so I recommend you book early to guarantee a spot.

TIMING – S&B requires your bouquet fresh and preferably within 3 days of your wedding. It spent the majority of your wedding day out of water and flowers need to be as fresh as possible. Any mold or wilting can affect the way the flowers dry. Flowers need to be hand-delivered to me in the Wolfville/New Minas area as soon as possible. The pressing and design process takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. You will be contacted with photos of the final design before any flower is glued down. 

CARE – Seek & Bloom Creative Co. will always do the best job possible to make sure your flowers press nicely for your timeless keepsake but if any flower does not work out as planned S&B is not responsible to replace any particular flower that didn’t press well during the dying process.

Flowers have been preserved with lots of love to hold their natural colour as long a possible. Each flower will develop more in character over time and will eventually fade. To hold their colour as long as possible keep your artwork out of direct sunlight and prevent any moisture from getting to them within the frame. Sunny living spaces and bathrooms may change the way your flowers age over time.

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Flowers can hold a very sentimental part of your lives. Seek & Bloom wants to help you preserve and keep them forever as a gentle reminder of the memories and happy times they have shared. Whether it be your wedding bouquet, or a wild flower that reminds you of a loved one, we can help create a piece of botanical art that makes your home more meaningful.